I created two 15 seconds video for Sephora Collection showing products in a tutorial format.
These videos were made for the brand’s social media.

Laminated Brows

This video tutorial showing how to create laminated brows shows several products in use in an educative and efficient way. Tutorials like this one Les vidéos tutoriels comme celle-ci permettent de donner des idées d’utilisation des produits et notamment de remettre au goût du jour des produits existants grâce à leur utilisation dans des tendances nouvelles...

Natural Skin Finish

This video showing two different powders in use shows how to deconstruct how to normally use a certain type of products. We hear powder and we don’t think natural finish. But by showing the effect and the finish it can have in a tutorial, using an additional product, we show it is possible to use them in a buildable a versatile way. The customer can identify.