I was lucky to partner a couple of times with Oh My Cream, the french alternative beauty store. Clean, effective, and nice to use brands and products, in-depth comprehensive and esthetic content…To me, Oh My Cream represents everything I love in the beauty industry, and that’s why I loved working with them.

How to use Oh My Cream Skincare products

In order to highlight the use of Oh My Cream’s own brand skincare products, I created video content to show them in use.

The Healthy Skin Duo

Gua Sha has become a staple beauty accessory, but it can be quite confusing and intimidating in its use. I created a video tutorial for Oh My Cream Skincare, to show the use of Gua Sha in addition with Huile Corrective (Corrective Oil), for purifying and draining benefits. The aim of this video is to unravel and explain the use of Gua Sha, and to inspire the consumer to add it to their routine. e vidéo est de

The Night Routine

Oh My Cream Skincare line has every essential step for a beautiful skin, thanks to products that suit every skin type. I created a video for Oh My Cream Skincare that shows the products in use in a night time routine context. It shows the products in use, and informs about them, their textures and how to use them. This type of video lets the consumer identify by showing real-life situations in an esthetic way.

The Basic Oh My Cream Makeup Steps

I worked with Oh My Cream to create 6 short video tutorials on basic makeup steps. These videos answer the frequently asked questions about how to apply makeup : How to apply eyeliner beautifully, how to apply eyeshadow like a pro, how to hide breakouts, how to apply highlighter…

These videos were meant for social media (Instagram Reels and Stories), but also for the Oh My Cream blog, for a tutorial post and a selection post presenting the products used.