I was happy to work with Atelier Nubio, a holistic beauty brand that considers that beauty starts from inside you. Supplements, juices, and now even a skincare line, Atelier Nubio products are suitable for everyone who want to feel good in their body and skin. considérant que la beauté commence par l’intérieur. Compléments alimentaires, jus, et maintenant une gamme de soins, les produits Atelier Nubio conviennent à tous ceux qui souhaitent se sentir bien dans leur corps et dans leur peau.

Dry Brushing Tutoriel with Atelier Nubio

Atelier Nubio has a Tonic Ritual, two products that help lymphatic drainage and blood flow. In order to show how to use them, I created a routine video showing how to dry brush, which is a very useful step but that can be scary at first. Showing the simple moves necessary for this routine, we help the consumer to project it in their own routine.